To my readers: Thank you for your patience and for your encouragement for me to finish the work I was given to do. I am delighted to tell you that I have finished the sequel to "Overflowing with Hope," which is also the third book of The West Hope Trilogy. Don't be confused by this. I reprinted OWH as the first two books of this trilogy in 2012 and 2013. The third book of the trilogy is also the sequel to the original novel, OWH. "Look to the Hills," "Blessed Abundantly," and "Go Forth!" are each for sale at this site with my signature. If you want to purchase the entire trilogy at one time, all three books will be signed for you as well. Please note that any book you purchase will singly be $15.00 plus postage in the softcover. The books sell separately in the hardback cover for $23.00 plus postage. If you live in the neighborhood we can arrange pickup or delivery without any mailing cost. I have been blessed with writing, and I hope you will enjoy these books as well. And may God bless you overflowing hope throughout your days.


Great Honor - Mary Jean is Tamarack Artisan!

"Overflowing with Hope" Mary Jean's first novel was juried by a panel of published West Virginia authors and accepted into the Tamarack System. Tamarack is located in Beckley, WV, and is a world-renowned center for juried works in hand-crafted glass, wood, fabrics, paintings, books, etc.


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